About us

Economit is a spin-off fromUniversity of PaduaFounded in 2019 by four partners, all related to the Department of Economics and Management "Marco Fanno". The services offered by the company regard data analysis for economic applications. Thanks to the experience gained by the partners in different professional fields, the company can assist public and private clients in the process of fundraising. According to the relations with the university of origin (but not exclusively), Economit also offers services for the organization of conferences and scientific workshops.

Marina Bertolini

After graduating in Economics and Finance in Padua (2011), she gained a PHD in Managerial Engineering and Land Economics at the same university (2015), where she is now a researcher. She is specialized in the fields of evaluation, financing and management of investments in energy and energy efficiency; she has gained experience in the projects’ application processes for EU and national funds and in project management. Her research interests concern the energy economy, electricity market and smart grid, the economic evaluation of investments and PPP.

Alessandro Asmundo

He completed a master’s degree in Economics and Finance, with a Public Finance track, at the University of Padua (2017). He has worked as a research assistant at the Interuniversity Research Center on Public Economy (CRIEP) and is currently a Research Officer at the Forum for Sustainable Finance, a non-profit association that works with the aim of promoting the knowledge and practice of sustainable and responsible investment. He is specialized in analyzing investments and their impact, particularly in an ESG key, and in European planning.

Franco Corti

Ha conseguito una laurea magistrale in Business Administration all’Università degli Studi di Padova (2018). Si è occupato di controllo di gestione e ha lavorato come consulente applicativo nel settore informatico per l’integrazione dei software gestionali con software di raccolta e gestione dei dati. Ha collaborato con il Centro di Ricerca Interuniversitario sull’Economia Pubblica (CRIEP) come assegnista di ricerca su progetti LIFE ed FSE. Attualmente è dottorando nel corso di Real Estate Economics con interesse sui temi connessi alla logistica sostenibile.

Filippo Mormando

After obtaining his master's degree in Economics and Management from the University of Padua, he gained his doctorate in Economics and Management from the same department (2018). Since 2013 he has worked at MPS Capital Services, investment bank of the MPS group. He is specialized in the management of investments on the financial markets and the related evaluation and liquidity risk management. His research interests regard the microstructure of financial markets and the management of public debt.


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